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Destination Roofing and Construction is family owned and operated. Wherever the problem we will bring the solution!

Your Traveling Roofing Services Provider

If your in need of a new roofing system, we are here to help. Doesn’t matter if your here or there near or far we will service you wherever you are. GET DESTINATION

Fairly new to the industry but what we lack in experience we make up with pride. We treat your home like it is our own. We vow to be fully transparent about the complete process and never sacrifice quality materials for financial gain.

24/7 Local Emergency Roofing Service.


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Commercial Roofing

Our team of experienced commerical roofing experts are ready to serve.


Residential Roofing

Our residential roofing experts have seen it all there’s no roof to big or small.


After Storm Damage

When a storm hits you want a professional who knows how to handle your claim expeditiously.


Financing & Insurance

We have multiple financing options. Ask your represenative for more info.

Why Choose Us

You can be anywhere in the world im so honored that your here with me!

Qualified Expert

Our ownership has taken the time to learn, study and perfect their craft with continued education everyday.

Flexible Schedule

With multiple labor professionals in our network we can get the job done at your convience.

Workmanship Quality

Pride Pride Pride we want you to tell your friends about us with a smile on your face.

Affordable Package

We understand that most of the time these projects werent planned we are not here to get rich of your turmoil.

Quality Professionals

We only work with the best, we let those other guys have the rest.

Special Offer

Ask about our deductible assitance programs. The law says we have to charge but we can help ease the pain.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“When Deven knocked at our door he made promises I wasnt sure he could keep. What a pleasant suprise it is when someone does what they say their going to do!

Cynthia Wright

Highschool Teacher

Solid Guys and Gal at the top. They put my roof on in one day and was done with it. My home almost looks brand new
Robert Little
Happy Home Owner
Everyone was getting a new roof in my nieghborhood. I decided to give the new guy a shot. Great price, better quality.
Louis Rogers
Retired Vet
What im most happy about it the shigle style and color. I was going to go a whole different direction but their attention to detail has me all smiles
Denise Evan's
State Farm Underwriter